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First ICO from a startup incubated by NVIDIA, world leader in AI supercomputers and cryptocurrency mining.
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The world's first RE supercomputer, search engine and roboadvisor. Powered by NVIDIA PASCAL and TESLA
Expected to become No. 17 - No. 3 most powerful supercomputer in the world.
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The supercomputer will:
Calculate future prices of every apartment or house, worldwide, in real time
Calculate future prices of cryptocurrencies (soon)
Calculate future prices of stocks (soon)
Mine cryptocurrencies in idle time
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2 new tokens
UseHtoken to purchase subscriptions to the supercomputer, search engine and roboadvisor for as low as 99H/month
Htoken holders will earn up to 50% of cryptocurrency mining income of the supercomputer, paid monthly
UsePtoken (coming soon) to invest in RE indices around the world. Yes, like REITs.Pis also a stablecoin
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World’s first tokenized AI supercomputer
World’s first tokenized AI supercomputer
The Google of real estate
The world’s first RE roboadvisor
The Moody’s of real estate
World’s first live RE indices
World’s first real estate quant community
World’s first online real estate investment community
Stablecoin that generates interest
Debit card with the best cashback in the world
Debit card with the best cashback in the world
HPT token - payment medium for all of our services
Transparent and measurable company performance
Good investment
World’s first prefab architecture marketplace